why should you support uswhy?

why support us?here's why

Economy matters. When economy grows strong, it creates jobs and lifts people up from poverty. Bitcoin RM is created specifically to support businesses and the people who support them. When you mine, trade or transact with BCRM, you're saying "YES" to strong economy.

the first smart forkwhy a smart fork?

BCRM is a smart fork of Bitcoin, that does not blindly copy the entire bitcoin blockchain. Therefore, our blockchain is slim, clean and does not spread any offensive content from bitcoin. This means our blockchain, created as a result of smart fork, complies with laws such as Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (SESTA).

retail merchantswhy care?

Retail Merchants, from local coffee shops to giant supermarkets, not just serve us with their quality products and services, but also create many jobs. This strengthens economy and in turn lifts people up from poverty. .Therefore, we should all care about retail merchants and help them succeed. Mine, trade and transact with BCRM coin to show your support.